why professional behavior analysts are leaving the field

As more and more information becomes available about the dangers of ABA, behavior analysts and ABA providers are beginning to abandon their jobs for less harmful alternatives. Behavior Analysts are often minimally trained individuals; certifications are available but schooling is not required. “My official title was ‘Behavior Technician’ which in itself is really telling. IContinue reading “why professional behavior analysts are leaving the field”

Aggression: can ABA help?

One of the most compelling complaints from parents who are seeking treatment for their autistic children is that the children are aggressive and harm themselves or other people. Can ABA help? Short answer: No. autistic meltdowns Autistic meltdowns are an inevitable part of autism. We can reduce them, but we cannot eliminate them altogether. BeingContinue reading “Aggression: can ABA help?”

ABA vs Speech Therapy

Language acquisition and establishing a means of communication are key pieces of most ABA therapy. Many people enroll their children in ABA therapy specifically because they are nonverbal or minimally verbal and they have an immense desire to be able to communicate with their children. Verbal speech is not the only way to communicate withContinue reading “ABA vs Speech Therapy”

can ABA “bring back” normalcy?

Bold claims of the ability to turn an autistic child normal or make them “less autistic” are among the most popular reasons that parents choose ABA. There are many issues with this argument- firstly, a child who is autistic has always been autistic. It’s inaccurate to imply that they could “return to normalcy” when theyContinue reading “can ABA “bring back” normalcy?”

the importance of stimming

Many non-autistic people have a lot of misonceptions about “stimming” (also called self-stimulatory behaviors). Some of them believe that stimming is a result of boredom, while others believe that autistics stim for fun… and yet others are still hopelessly confused as to why autistic people behave so “strangely.” Everyone stims a little bit, and itsContinue reading “the importance of stimming”

aversives and torture in ABA

Aversives used in ABA therapy span a wide range from strategic ignoring and verbal disapproval to smacking and spanking to electric shocks. “There’s nothing in the [Behavior Analyst Certification Board] ethics code that says you can’t use electric shock. In fact, it doesn’t say anything at all about what type of ’aversives’ are acceptable.” –Continue reading “aversives and torture in ABA”

the origins of ABA: O. Ivar Lovaas, the father of ABA and gay conversion therapy

The origins of ABA for Autism are extremely dark and disturbing. ABA and Gay Conversion Therapy Created at the same time as Gay Conversion Therapy, and by the same co-creators, ABA seeks to train the autistic person to behave as if they are not autistic, just as gay conversion therapy seeks to train the gayContinue reading “the origins of ABA: O. Ivar Lovaas, the father of ABA and gay conversion therapy”

ABA and the refusal to teach children about consent

In light of the recent #metoo movement and our society becoming more and more aware of the importance of consent, concerns are rapidly arising about ABA’s lack of consent.  ABA does not require the consent of the child. Behavior analysts frequently disregard a child’s bodily autonomy by restraining or touching them without their permission. WeContinue reading “ABA and the refusal to teach children about consent”

Is the “gold standard” too much for such young children?

In today’s anti-autistic behavior climate, early intensive intervention is considered the gold standard for autism care. Often, the very first conversation a parent has with a physician when their child is diagnosed with autism is the conversation about enrolling their child into as many early intervention programs as possible, and specifically, enrolling their children intoContinue reading “Is the “gold standard” too much for such young children?”

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