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Is ABA really like “Dog Training for Humans” ?

ABA therapy and dog training both largely stem from the same principles- teaching children or dogs to behave in a desired manner by reinforcing preferred behaviors and discouraging other behaviors. Because of their similarities, many people argue that ABA is harmful because it is akin to dog training.

Survey results obtained from 221 autistic and non-autistic respondents suggest that many autistic and non-autistic people feel that ABA is similar to dog training.

However, others believe that while some of the principles between ABA and dog training are similar, dog training is much less brutal and harmful.

“Dog trainers don’t talk about systematically altering behavior as if the dog weren’t a thinking, feeling, sentient being.”

Carol Millman

Here are some submissions from the aforementioned survey, wherein respondents were asked if ABA was akin to dog training:

In dog training, trainers assess the behaviors but also the consider what behaviors are normal and important for the dog’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

“A good dog trainer doesn’t extinguish behaviours which improve the dog’s mental health and happiness. But an ABA practitioner may not think twice before doing this to a human child.”

Carol Millman

3 thoughts on “Is ABA really like “Dog Training for Humans” ?

  1. YES, ABA is like dog training for humans…

    Only, the dog training is so much more.

    ABA does not believe in relationships and “love” is probably a mortal sin in that philosophy.

    Dogs are in a sensitive and caring relationship. It is that bond that makes dog training possible.

    It is the lack of a non-divisive relationship, that makes dog training work.

    The fundamentally divisive nature of ABA is why ABA is abusive.



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