why professional behavior analysts are leaving the field

As more and more information becomes available about the dangers of ABA, behavior analysts and ABA providers are beginning to abandon their jobs for less harmful alternatives. Behavior Analysts are often minimally trained individuals; certifications are available but schooling is not required. “My official title was ‘Behavior Technician’ which in itself is really telling. IContinue reading “why professional behavior analysts are leaving the field”

Aggression: can ABA help?

One of the most compelling complaints from parents who are seeking treatment for their autistic children is that the children are aggressive and harm themselves or other people. Can ABA help? Short answer: No. autistic meltdowns Autistic meltdowns are an inevitable part of autism. We can reduce them, but we cannot eliminate them altogether. BeingContinue reading “Aggression: can ABA help?”

ABA vs Speech Therapy

Language acquisition and establishing a means of communication are key pieces of most ABA therapy. Many people enroll their children in ABA therapy specifically because they are nonverbal or minimally verbal and they have an immense desire to be able to communicate with their children. Verbal speech is not the only way to communicate withContinue reading “ABA vs Speech Therapy”

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