The Great Big ABA Opposition Resource List

Prompted by an anonymous question submitted to Ask an Autistic / sounds like you should ask an autistic, but ok on Facebook, I’ve put together a list of countless articles explaining why ABA is so harmful. Some of them are from here on this site, but many of them are from elsewhere.

This post will be updated as new resources become available and resources we missed come to our attention.

Note (4/30/20): We are adding summaries of each article. This will be a slow process that will take several days/weeks. We will also continue to add new articles.

general information

from autistic people who were subjected to ABA therapy

from parents who abandoned ABA

articles from former ABA providers/behavior analysts/behavior technicians

articles from other providers and scientists

(speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physicians, etc.)

responses to ABA providers

information on aversives and torture in ABA (and the FDA’s stance on aversives, torture, and electric shock)

ABA and the link to PTSD

consent (or lack thereof) in ABA

child abuse in ABA

articles about ABA being a conversion therapy focused on assimilation

the terrifying origins of ABA alongside the now renounced gay conversion therapy

To read some of Lovaas’ own deeply upsetting words from his “clinical trial” of ABA/behavior therapy on children in the 1970s, look no further: Some Generalization and Follow-Up Measures on Autistic Children in Behavior Therapy | O. Ivar Lovaas, Robert Koegel, James Q. Simmons & Judith Stevens Long | Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Be warned: the language used in this article is incredibly disturbing and dehumanizing.

articles about ABA therapists behaving inappropriately (in general)

articles to help you spot the red flags

articles to adress the “but what about…”

miscellaneous articles

published articles/journal articles/scientific evidence


(this section is temporary until we compile our own post about alternatives that will also be chock full of links!)

Last updated on May 7th, 2020.

Now that you’ve learned why ABA is so terrible… take a look at this post to learn about all the alternative options you have! [Post Coming- Check back for a link!]

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